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The State Council through the “reduced” low carbon IGBT stocks a huge space


      In March 23rd, according to GOV.cn news, March 21st, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a meeting of energy-saving emission reduction and climate change conference adopted the principle of "2014 - 2015, the development of low-carbon energy conservation action plan", and discussed the action plan of China's response to climate change.
      Li Keqiang said, to actively develop wind power, nuclear power, hydropower, solar power and other clean energy and energy-saving environmental protection industry, started a number of new projects to promote distributed energy, smart grid development, and gradually the proportion of coal down.
      Experts believe that the development of new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction are not separated from the support of semiconductor technology and semiconductor power devices. Power device products can be covered in many areas, such as wind energy, solar energy, smart grid, semiconductor lighting, new display, power electronic equipment, etc..
      According to the latest data show that, with the energy-saving emission reduction and the rapid development of new energy sources, the current demand for power semiconductors doubled, only the size IGBT product demand has more than 10 billion yuan, China has become the world's largest market for power semiconductor devices. The domestic IGBT market share of less than 10%, the future of alternative import market space is huge.
What is IGBT?
      IGBT (Insulated Gate BIPOlar Transistor), insulated gate bipolar transistor, is composed of BJT (bipolar transistor) and MOS (insulated gate FET) composite full controlled voltage composed of driven power semiconductor devices, has the advantages of high input impedance and low conductance GTR with MOSFET through the two aspects of pressure drop. GTR saturation pressure is reduced, the current density is large, but the drive current is large; the MOSFET drive power is very small, the switching speed is fast, but the pressure drop is big, and the current density is small. IGBT combines the advantages of the above two devices, the driving power is small and the saturation voltage is reduced. Is very suitable for application in the DC voltage of 600V and above the variable flow system such as AC motor, frequency converter, switching power supply, lighting circuit, traction drive, and other fields.
      At present our country is in the eve of a breakthrough in the industry. Because IGBT is widely used in high-speed rail, energy conservation, wind power, solar energy and other industries, but the core technology of IGBT and the industry is mainly in the hands of the relevant enterprises in developed countries. In recent years, China's high-speed rail and other areas of investment to boost the scale, IGBT localization requirements quickly upgrade. Fortunately, there is a breakthrough in the current situation.
IGBT application prospect
      1 wind power generation: wind turbine generator, such as to obtain stable power grid connected power generation, must rely on the corresponding inverter, inverter system, which need to be able to self shutdown current IGBT devices can be realized. The megawatt wind power inverter with high power IGBT suppliers are mainly Infineon, Fuji electric, MITSUBISHI, and wind power inverter with the main suppliers such as Emerson, ABB, SIEMENS and Alston have chosen the Infineon scheme. Along with our country to vigorously promote the wind power industry, in the above IGBT is undoubtedly not only a cup of soup.
      2 solar power generation: with the momentum of the green power movement is not reduced, the application of solar energy photovoltaic power generation, solar cells, and so on. In order to effectively meet the needs of these products, the power supply designer is through a minimum number of devices, high reliability and durability, in order to efficiently convert the solar energy into the required AC or DC voltage. Therefore, the solar inverter needs to control, drive and the correct combination of output power devices. To achieve this goal, IGBT is an inevitable choice as a power switch.
      3 high-speed rail and rail transportation: widely used in rail vehicles IGBT module CVCF traction converter and the auxiliary power supply system (CVCF) inverter. A variety of IGBT devices are adopted in the subway or light rail vehicle auxiliary system in foreign countries.EMU, IGBT switching converter with high voltage of 6500V/600A auxiliary converter, the switching frequency is 1950Hz using PWM technology, which consists of 3 sets of double IGBT and anti parallel diode, each pair consisting of a IGBT phase in; Shanghai Metro Line 3 vehicles is the auxiliary system by the voltage rating of 330 V IGBT a 2 point inverter inverter; auxiliary system in Guangzhou Metro Line 1 on the dual IGBT DC-DC converter with high frequency transformer to realize electrical isolation; the first phase of the Shenzhen subway by 6 as a module of IGBT traction inverter and 2 IGBT modules for the complete brake chopper traction inverter function: Tianjin Binhai EMU main circuit adopts IGBT three-phase voltage type DC / AC inverter inverter, auxiliary power inverter using IGBT components, the switch capacity of 3300V/800A.
      4 electric vehicles: the most critical bottleneck of electric vehicles is the motor drive control and charging and discharging, which can not be separated from the IGBT component of the inverter bridge. Beijing Institute of Technology, Tianjin University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other institutions in the study of electric vehicle simulation, car use Infineon (Infenion) IGBT power module HybdPACK, suitable for maximum battery voltage for mild hybrid electric vehicle 450V and power up to 20kW. This module is d on Infineon (Infenion) IGBT trench gate field stop leading technology, can realize the switching loss of low.HybdPACK 1 specially designed, long-term work is 150, with six three-phase bridge structure, rated up to 400A/600V.
      5 Smart Grid: in a broad sense, wind power, photovoltaic power generation is an important part of the power supply side of the smart grid. In the power grid of HVDC transmission, FACTS flexible transmission technology, the load side of the motor inverter control, intelligent home appliances, LED lighting drive, IGBT and other power semiconductors have formed a large number of demand.

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