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Talk about the 2015 semiconductor industry mergers and acquisitions


      Only half a year in 2015, there are three enterprises in the upstream semiconductor with generous, respectively is the acquisition of NXP Freescale[for about $11 billion 800 million, Annwa acquired Broadcom [about $37 billion], and the most high-profile Intel acquisition of Altera[150 billion dollars. These three mergers and acquisitions and the past two years, the rise of the Internet of things [IOT] industry is closely ed, Internet of things is also considered to be the next round of the next round of smart phone industry. Freescale,, Altera are good in areas such as network FPGA, IC programmable controller, microcontroller, etc., are considered to be the core of the product of the Internet of things. The peripheral IC device manufacturers and industry leaders, also in the subsequent open buy buy buy mode, into a frenzy of mergers and acquisitions.
      A Morimi and Fairchild tube triode products are all kinds of audio products on a regular Soomal, many of the classic type products, integrated circuit in the sound outside, they are not the core processor so conspicuous, but in the design of hardware circuit also occupies an important position. Fairchild was founded in 1957, is an old qualification in the industry, to the semiconductor industry contributed a large number of important talent, in 1987 by the U.S. National Semiconductor mergers and acquisitions, 97 years and re established.
      But in 2014 A Morimi bought two graphics sensor manufacturers, including the famous Aptina Imaging, November 18, 2015, ONS announced a $2 billion 400 million acquisition of Fairchild, the new company after the merger will become the second largest global provider of power semiconductor components, covering high, medium and low pressure, the business will focus on automotive electronics, industrial, mobile phone etc..
      The West and SanDisk is most PC fancier brand in October 2015, for having heard it many times, West to the $19 billion acquisition of SanDisk, the merger is equally impressive, the goal is very clear, is to obtain the NAND storage technology and sales market, whether in the field or mobile network, NAND storage is an indispensable component; and with the progress of technology and the cost is reduced, even in the PC market, the hard disk is gradually replaced by SSD, the same is true in the server market focus on storage performance and stability. Although the number of 2015 earnings is fairly good, hard disk capacity is also growing, but still can not stop the downward trend of HDD hard disk market. After the merger, the western data will also compete with Toshiba, Samsung in the field of mechanical hard disk and solid storage.
      2016, the semiconductor industry mergers and acquisitions integration will be stagnant? In January 20th, [Microchip] microchip technology at a price of $3 billion 560 million, the acquisition of high visibility in the field of SCM Atmel, in addition to the product and the market, the microchip also earned license MIPS and ARM processor, is of great significance for the future direction of the networking industry field. More than a few mergers and acquisitions, is in the second half of 2015 after a number of mergers and acquisitions in the case of a typical representative. Also means that in 2016, the integration of the semiconductor industry mergers and acquisitions will continue.
      From 2012 to the present, regardless of the cell phone or PC, China is the world's largest consumer market, refinement of the sensor, integrated IC and discrete components is also true. Chinese also gradually develop their own upstream semiconductor industry chain, IC network, HUAWEI Hass SMIC wafer and package of semiconductor industry are gradually developing, from net imports to today, exports of domestic IC electronic components more than 20% growth rate is amazing. But at the top of the industry, there is a long way, the yield and quality of the gap is not a short time can make up for the power of the capital can not be ignored. In WD, Vision, the acquisition of Omni packaging companies and other stats. With the global economic slowdown, these once superior industry chain has been the top, not far away. The semiconductor industry is a mature and subdivision acme industries, the development cycle and the manpower cost has been high, before the rapid development of the industry focus until the next, mergers and acquisitions will become the industry trend. But also to see that many of the key areas of technology is still not for sale, the domestic enterprise itself is the most important way of technological development.

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