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TSMC “number of earthquake injury” fear of more than 70 thousand pieces of wafer fragments


      The southern Taiwan earthquake in February 6th, TSMC also become affected households, South plant also suffered spread, TSMC has announced, no machine equipment shift, but a large number of fragments for fear of causing no small loss. The eight inch wafer factory factory with 6 twelve inch wafer factory in 14B, the biggest 3 days after the earthquake has yet to return to work, although 14A plant at 13 days to return to work, but according to the latest news science news made, will need a few days to fully recover capacity.
      TSMC NANKER 14A, 14B plant 6 plants, with no small loss caused by the earthquake, there is news that the number of damaged wafer support collapse of up to about seventy thousand tablets.
      The same work affect productivity, TSMC 6 plant and 14B plant in 2~3 days has resumed production capacity has been restored, and severely damaged the 14A plant, TSMC agency spokesman Sun Youwen said in an interview recently, 14A plant can be determined at 13 days to normal operation, but according to the science news the message, because automatic transmission equipment damage, the current production line equipment recovery rate is more than 50%, in fact, has not been restored.
      14A factory production to 40 nanometer process, 16 nm, 20 nm and other advanced process mainly concentrated in the 14B factory, the main fab is OEM apple chips, but fortunately the recent apple 14B machine parts factory orders slowed down, during the Chinese New Year in warm shutdown state, so the 14B factory in the earthquake is not too large and.
      Taiwan electric power official said on the day of the earthquake, the earthquake affected the first quarter shipments will not exceed 1%, and then continued to point out that the impact of shipments may be more than originally expected a little. TSMC stressed that the earthquake affected the first quarter although the wafer shipments 1% more than expected, but the follow-up will speed up the work, have the confidence to reach the first quarter revenue target.
      Taiwan electric power yesterday (16) announcement to the Japanese Electron Ltd Tokyo company ordered the production machine, the outgoing is to make up for the Tainan strong earthquake in the bad machine. The wafer number and the amount of the loss, the external estimate of TSMC is affected by the earthquake damage to Sun Youwen dismissed, outside the current speculation data are not accurate, emphasizes the estimation after if there is a new financial data will be announced.

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